Can the Unwanted Attachments Be Removed During the Treatment?

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Pros - nearly invisible, supposelycons - if...

pros - nearly invisible, supposely

cons - if attachments are required in some cases. The invisalign experience will become very visible, and that defeats the purpose of having an invisible bracing.

My dentist has never in details discussed or informed me about the requirement of attachments during my 19-week treatment, is it not a proper practice? Now the attachments are set on my teeth (8 at the top and 6 at the bottom), the number of them plus the mis-match color of the attachements have made my invisalign become very much visible disappointedly. Can I request the dentist to remove them from my teeth given that I wouldn't mind it might take me longer to achieve the result of having straightened teeth? Will the company that makes the invisalign trays re-make or replace the remaing trays for me without the attachment voids if my dentist agrees to remove the buttons from my teeth? I'm only on my second tray, the third week? Thank you very much!
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The patients are not well-formed of the entire procedure of Invisalign. I have never seen any simulated picture or the inital mold made by the invisalign company to see if that's what I expect or agree on. I was never told that I'd have a total of 14 attachments glued onto my teeth until the day of my visit for my second tray.

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