Mini Tummy Tuck for Flap of Loose Skin Above C-section Scar

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I had a c-section 9 years ago and while I am thin...

I had a c-section 9 years ago and while I am thin and in shape I had a flap of loose skin above the c-section scar.

I had a mini tummy tuck done 3 weeks ago. There was a lot of swelling that occured after the drains came out (2 days).

Last week the doctor tried to aspirate - not much came out while I was in the office, but it drained after I left, the remained of the afternoon and stopped sometime during the night. This relieved quite a bit of the discomfort from the swelling.

There is still quite a bit of swelling. This swelling seems to be causing a lip or hang over the incision. I am afraid this is going to remain permanent and not heal to a flat stomach. I am bigger now than I prior to surgery. I look worse now than before. I can't fit into my clothes.

I called the doc and have requested to be aspirated again. Is there anything else that should be done to help the healing to avoid a lip over the incision?
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I shouldn't say no yet - its only been 3 weeks but if things don't get better - i would say i got a hack job!

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