36 Y/o Male, Tummy Tuck for Loose, Sagging Skin After 150lb Weight Loss

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Hi everyone, i'm a 36 year old male who...

hi everyone,

i'm a 36 year old male who had a tummy tuck 9 week ago - had a lot of loose sagging skin after a 150-lb weight loss from a few years ago. for the most part, recovery has been ok. i did have a complication with seroma build-up, but my PS drained me a few times, and the area eventually hardened and that seems over with.

now the only major lingering problem is that the ab muscles at-and-below the belly button have a tendency to really tighten up on me sporadically throughout the day, esp as the day wears on. the sensation is roughly akin to having had a huge meal and being unable to loosen your pants. it's not painful, but very uncomfortable and kinda scary... can't really do anything to loosen them up. standing/walking becomes uncomfortable when this happens, and my low back starts getting sore.

i've been back in the gym for a few weeks now, so i wondered if i was going back at certain exercises too hard, but it seems to happen every day regardless of whether or not i work out.

* Pros: no more ugly hanging flap of skin below abdomen. Very pleased with that being gone.

* Cons: expensive, discomfort, lengthy recovery - which doesn't appear likely to be over with particularly soon...

Updated: Jan. 21, 2010

So far i'm Undecided if it was worth it, since the visuals are improved, but how i feel is awful. I'll wait for improvement in that, and then I'll change the rating to Yes/No. I do not recommend my surgeon, as he has not been helpful or accessible in answering questions regarding my unfortunate current condition.

just wondering if this is normal at 9 weeks, and how long before it starts to feel normal down there again, or is this a problem and should i seek help from my PS? many thanks for any insights...

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I'm still undecided - PS comes off as impatient when having to deal with questions... will rate my experience more fully when it's done...

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