Tummy Tuck Scar Too High on my Hips.

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I got a TT done to get rid of loose skin after my...

I got a TT done to get rid of loose skin after my pregnancies. Im happy with the outcome of the tightness of my belly but not my scar, it is too high on my hips but not on my pubic area. The scar is really depressing me.

In order to get a scar revision i would like if a professional would answer my question. I know i have to see my doctor but my appointment is in October and i cant wait for a answer till then from him. I need an idea of what to do. I came to the conclusion that i wouls have to gain weight to get loose skin in order for him to move the sides of the scar down. Do you recommend to gain weight to produce loose skin so i can get my scar moved lower and is it possible to get just the sides of the scar lowered? I hope a doctor has time to answer this, us women really get in a depressed state of mind when we go through things like this. Help!
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over all i have a nice figure now.

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