Tummy Tuck Problems - I Look Five Months Pregnant

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Hi I had a tummy tuck, lipo & a breast...

Hi I had a tummy tuck, lipo & a breast reduction. Above my tummy tuck scars it is very hard, I also have a lump that is painful when I touch it, at times I look 5 months preagnant.

My breast reduction is also bad one boob is bigger then the other.It dosent even look like I had a reduction just a lift.Is this normal?

I had a tummy tuck June 29th I have a huge lump in my stomach above incision. It is painful and the surgeon wants to do a second surgery I am scared and do not wish to continue with him. What is this lump he does not seem to know or even care? I have seen my suregon who dosent care now. I just feel so depressed, please help.
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Just the after treatment is terrible

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