Pronounced Lower-ab Distension Post-op TT

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Had Intermed. TT in Jan w/ab. muscle suturing,...

Had Intermed. TT in Jan w/ab. muscle suturing, umbilical hernia repair, and lipo. I was told had a lot of edema from early on and ever since post-op I've had pronounced distension in my lower ab. that was NOT present before procedure. I've been told it was swelling & followed all guidelines (low sodium, lots water, excerised, & massage). After complaining, PS re-lipo. and removed more skin from TT scar to correct distension in May.

There is no change even after revision & now 7 1/2 mos. post-op. In PS's post-op photos, I look same before and after May revision. He now tells me I must have intra-abdominal swelling and advises me to seek care with my GYN or other physician even though I had no issues before my TT surgery. I'm a very fit size 4 who has looks WORSE after TT.

Horrible experience thus-far, it's been a very long almost 8 mos. I have yet to see "results" that others talk about just mere weeks afterward. I'm a smaller, very fit, very athletic person who was very satisfied w/how I looked in clothing. However, very unhappy with stretchmarks, loose skin, and fat that wouldn't budge from waistline after 3rd child.

I came out of TT with a smaller waist (by way of suturing) and sans stretchmarks but oddly, a pronounced distended lower abdomen to go with my foot 1/2 scar. I wear the same clothing as I did pre-op (thought I'd at least come out a size smaller or my clothes looser)and now very upset that I look WORSE in clothing, as I now appear as though I'm pregnant or un-fit. Pain from muscle-suturing is horrendous and at this stage of the game, was not worth it.

Has anyone else experienced distension in areas non-existent pre-op or know why this would be the case?
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