Gave Birth to 3 9lb Babies. Decided on Tummy Tuck and Lipo

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After 3 full term pregnancies and approx. 9lb....

After 3 full term pregnancies and approx. 9lb. babies, I decided to get abdominoplasty w/ liposuction. I had poor abdominal muscles and was very unhappy with my appearance and the continuous questions if I was pregnant.

Yes , the fat was removed but my post op was not that perfect. I don't know if it was the anesthesia alone or the 0.5mg valium I took but as soon as I came home from same day surgery I felt horrible. I couldn't breath, had dark thick sputum, uncontrolable nasuea (which meds didn't seem to work) and overall anxiety. My neighbor a nurse came over, my mom a physician came over and then I almost was admitted to the ER b/c my PS said they didn't know what to do for me.

Post op visits , where a little dissappointing as well b/c I would always ask if " this is normal " and my response was that was an unusual question and there is no normal. Also, I have been doing very little and the dr. is claiming it is my fault fluid is building up in my abdomen. I get aspirated and 2hrs. later it mostly comes back!

Now 4 weeks post sx.,a seroma has developed (according to my dr.)I go weekly and she doesn't want to irrigate b/c of the risk of infection. The first drainage removed 130cc of fluid from the lower section (under belly button to above pubic bone). The second aspiration removed 135cc from the lower section and 30 from the upper above belly button and below breasts. Also, I have an appearance as though I have an elastic band belt around my mid-abdomen (belly button). The fluid keeps coming. Help!

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