Pain Free Mommy Makeover

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After losing 135 lbs, my body was left with...

After losing 135 lbs, my body was left with excessive amounts of hanging skin all over my body. My plastic surgery experience has been unbelievable!!

My surgery lasted 9 1/2 hours and included a tummy tuck and breast lift. I was up and walking around only a few hours after getting back from recovery. I was sore for a few days, but my pain was very tolerable. I did take something for pain the first twenty four hours, but did not require anything after that. The only reason I took it was for the two hour trip home the next morning.

I am living proof that plastic surgery can and will change your life. I would do it again without question.

Memphis Plastic Surgeon

I had consults with two other doctors before being referred by a friend to my Drs. After my consultation, (which lasted almost two hours)there was absolutely no doubt that they would be doing my surgery. What sets them apart from other doctors is their professionalism, personality, and passion for what they do. THEY ARE THE BEST!!! Nothing means more than treated as though you are the only patient they have no matter what you need when you call. If you are considering plastic surgery, please consider a consult. There is nothing about Cosmetic Surgery Specialists that will disappoint you....ESPECIALLY THE RESULTS!!!!!!

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