Tummy Tuck Not As Painful As Having 2 Kids

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I had my TT on June 29, 2009. It was a three hour...

I had my TT on June 29, 2009. It was a three hour surgery. I had it done in my doctor's surgical suite and was then transported to the hospital for an over night stay for observation. I was released the next morning after my docotr came and checked on me. I was up walking to the bathroom and around my room a few hours after surgery.

The pain was managable. I felt like after having two kids...I had been threw worse! I am sleeping on my back in a somewhat upright position with two pillows under my lower legs. I am taking a preventative antibiotic as well as a pain pill.

July 1, 2009: I am still extremely swollen and the drain is troublesome. It irritates me and is extremely sinsitive. Caring for it is no big deal, but it bothers me because it is noticeable and as I said, creates more sinsitivity. I can't stand up straight yet and my stomach feels tight and I can feel how swollen it is.

July 7, 2009: 8 days post-op and I am feeling much better. The swelling has gone down SOME...but not a great deal yet. Went to see my doc today and I got the JP drain taken out! WOW what a relief and difference in mobility now that it is gone. It was painful to get it taken out however. It burned and bled.

I have brusing on the left side (the side the drain was on) and that side is much more sinsitive than the right side. I am walking around fine but still not standing up completely upright. I am doing a lot more than what I was the first few days following surgery. Doc says I can start driving again and working out (light low-impact) next week (two weeks post-op).

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