Tummy Tuck and Tram Flap Breast Reconstruction

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On June 19th, I had a mastectomy (breast cancer)...

On June 19th, I had a mastectomy (breast cancer) and a tram flap reconstruction done.

On July 23rd, I showed my surgeon that the underneath of the new breast was red and my belly, and where the new belly button is, was red, tender to the touch and my belly quite swollen. ( I look 5 months pregnant).

After a month of antibiotics, a CT scan and two more drains put in, both failed...my belly is even more tender and still red. I get sharp pains in all areas of my belly. My surgeon told me today that he thinks I "may have" -FAT NARCOSIS-. I cannot find any information online about this..does anyone know what this is,or how to find information on it? He did offer an explanation, but, I was hoping I would find more. Has anyone else experienced this?

Does anyone know what "fat narcosis" is?

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I am pleased with the final results, and they got all the cancer.

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