Abdominoplasty - Leaking Belly Button/bloated - Hoping I Will Look Great by Summer - Australia

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After the procedure i was in pain but then got up...

after the procedure i was in pain but then got up real fast and took the pain real well my level of pain did not exceed a 5 out of 10. i remember seeing the scar and it was disturbing but kinda got my head around it. the drain bags got me a bit light headed but then also got used to seeing it. i remember that my stomach was flat and that there wasnt so much swelling but the more i moved the swelling started to grow and this was at the hospital. my swelling is now double post op 4 weeks and there is a bad smell.

i haven't seen a major change as o yet and think its still early stages although i think one side of my love handles is bulging and is different to the other and may need it looked at again. even fixed! i feel a little depressed and think to myself what have i done but everyone says it needs time. also have lost 6 kilos in total since hospital. so just hoping that by summer i will look great!!!!

Hi, 4 weeks ago i had an abdominoplasty and am leaking from the new belly button. it smells real bad and the swelling has doubled i feel like fluid has built up do i need to be drained again? Help
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great friendly hospital

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