Abdominal Numbness for 5 Years, Surgeon Suggested Weight Loss

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Pros were self-confidence at first, less back...

Pros were self-confidence at first, less back pain, able to move around better to a point.

Cons are the amount of numbness that won't go away even after 5 years, the awkward feeling when trying to do any abdomen work like crunches or stretches which keeps me from doing those moves, and a messed up belly button and dog ears that need to be fixed.

I originally did it for the three pros listed above, and am glad I did so, but I really would like to know how to deal with the cons that were more than I expected after doing all of my research and asking so many questions to my doctor.

First, I keep reading that abdominal numbness can last up to two years, but mine has lasted for 5 years. It's literally from 5 inches above my bellybutton and starts at the top at about 3 inches wide, then continues all the way down to the incision line, as well as from hip to hip along the incision line (which I kind of expected that one). My surgeon told me that if I lost weight that I might feel it. I'm 5'7" and was 190 after the surgery, but since then got down to 165. How much do I need to lose to feel it again?
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I might recommend him after the cons listed above are fixed satisfactorily. But basically I'm confused why my bellybutton is messed up, why I have dog ears, why I have the amount of numbness I have, and why he told me that losing weight would help the numbness but it hasn't yet. So once I can straighten these things out, then I might be ok with recommending him.

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