Tummy Tuck Three Years out Now Feels Hard and Tight Especially when Flexed

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I had a tummy tuck three years ago and within the...

I had a tummy tuck three years ago and within the last 6 months have noticed the rectus muscle that was tightened feels hard when relaxed and super hard and tight when flexed. When I'm laying on my back and raise up as if I'm doing a crunch, my whole middle area from my belly button down to my pelvis,raises up in the mid section and feels so tight and hard, kind of a like a hard mass would. It never used to be this hard and tight previous to 6 months ago. It feels bloated at times too although it is hard to tell since my stomach is still mostly flat.

I've been to two regular doctors and they didn't see a problem even when my mid section appeared raised from tightening the muscle.

I like the overall result but I am now worried about this tightness I feel. I have experienced abdominal pain, urge to urinate, and change in bowels habits off and on, as well, but not sure if it is related to this tightness and hardness.

Could this be scar tissue? I had lipo on my legs and injured one side where it was lipoed and this caused a hardening area under the skin so maybe this is similar to that? Any info you could give me would help. Thanks.

Made me uneven twice with lipo. Removed too much on one side and not enough on the other. Tummy tuck scar could be alot better. Breast job turned out pretty good though.

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