Tummy Tuck - Dead Skin

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Oct 5th had Tummy Tuck. It was very painful. Now...

Oct 5th had Tummy Tuck. It was very painful. Now that I may be looking a more sugery because some skin died, I am not sure the pain was worth it. I will have to report back in a few weeks.

It has been 2 weeks since tummy tuck. I have a...

It has been 2 weeks since tummy tuck. I have a place that has died a little larger than a silver dollar right under my belly button. I am not a smoker. Never have been. What would you do if you were my Doctor? Thanks Bev -- Updated on Dec 22, 2009: Starting Oct 5th I had a tummy tuck. Then 2 weeks later I went back to my Doctor and he said the skin had died on my belly. There was a large black spot. Also half of the skin on my belly button died. He told me he would need to take the dead skin off and pull it together again and stitch it up. He did it a few days later. Then 2 weeks later there was a deep hole in my belly that would not close up and belly button looked bad so I had to go to the hospital and be put to sleep and he redid the whole tummy tuck except the muscles. That means he cut the old scar out and pulled it together and redid it. He also reworked my belly button. The hole closed up on top of skin but not inside. He removed the top layer of skin and I could see deep into the hole. He told me to pack it with gauze and saline and it will heal from the inside out. I want to know is this what you would have told your patient to do? How long will it take to heal, about? Can a hole like this not be stitched inside some way. Looking at this hole is making me sick. My husband has to pack it. I have weak stomach. Our daughter out of town said there is meds you can put inside to help it heal. What do you think Doctor? Thanks Bev
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Not sure I like the office staff enough to use this Doctor again.

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