Tummy Tuck (For Excess Skin - Lost 75 Kg) and Rhinoplasty (For Deviated Septum)

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I did my tummy tuck due to excess skin, after i...

I did my tummy tuck due to excess skin, after i lost almost 75 kg. it is not a painful procedure, i actually went shopping few days after. the only disturbing part was looking at the fresh wound. The rhinoplasty was a must due to the deviated septum.

I had two procedures; a tummy tuck and a rhinoplaty, and ironically only the right side of my body is still very swollen after 10 months. The right side of my tummy is huge, and my doctor said that its normal and it will take two years till it heals. where as the left side of my tummy is beautifully flat!

The right side of my nasal tip is very swollen as well, which makes my nose look crooked. my doctor suggested a shot, but i was a bit reluctant to take it.

please help, is there anything i can so without the need to go under the knife again?
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The doctor didnt explain thoroughly why my tummy and nose tip is still swollen. she tried to force me to take a shot without rationalizing the reason, the pros, and the cons of the shot.

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