Tummy Tuck & Breast Lift with Saline Implants Was Worth It

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Defenitly worth it, after Almost having tripples!...

Defenitly worth it, after Almost having tripples! I had twins and 6 months later I was pregnant again havin then 15 months apart was not easy on my body and 6 years later, it was time for some TLC for my self.

I had my surgery done June 24th and now almost 3 weeks down the road I'm back to work and feeling better. I can honestly say that the first 3 days were the most uncomfortable and you defenitly need someone there 24hrs a day, after the 5 day I stop taking the pain killers and muscle relaxer, I didn't want to be addicted to it. I just took Tylenol when it was necessary.

My Doctor was awesome and Took her time to answer all my questions! My Tummy tuck, it looks great and the incissions looks great, my Breast incissions are more tender then my tummy tuck, I'm still putting Neosporine and one of my Breast is leacking clear- white from the incission (almost looks like breast milk). Has any one else had that, I know it can't be breast milk, I haven't breast feed in 6 years.

Other than that everything is looking great. I did call my Surgeon about my clear-white liquid from my breast and she told me not to worry.

UPDATE...I went to my Dr. today July 13 and she...


I went to my Dr. today July 13 and she reconfirm is breast milk, She explain is not something common but she has seen about every 5 years. This is defenetly shocking since I haven't breast feed in 6 years and after the surgery my hormones have been trigger to produce milk and now we know both breast are producing milk. Everything else is perfect.

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She was awesome, answered all my questions and the staff were there for you for anything you needed.

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