Liposuction for Lipodema

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Had tumescent liposuction (3 ops in total from...

Had tumescent liposuction (3 ops in total from December 08 to April 09) for a condition called Lipoedema which doesn't respond to exercise or diet and is coupled with mild swelling. Had lipo on the whole of my legs, including ankles as well as hip area. Had the lipo in Germany at a clinic that is specialised in treating Lipodema patients. Has produced great results, I am now more in proportion, was painful and costly and doesn't repair my already damaged lymph but would do it again.

The results are great, however it is nearly 3 months since my lower limb op (end of Feb) and I still have a pocket of swelling at my ankle. It is a small spongey ball and although I'm having weekly MLD massages and compression garments on each day there is still a spot of swelling. Is this likely to be a seroma or is it likely to be fat? And if seroma, can it resolve without draining?

Hanse Klinik

Specialised in treating Lipodema patients so more aware of all the lymphatic channels than your regular practitioner and take care not to damage them.

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