Thermage for Facial Rejuvenation - Excellent Experience

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I saw a plastic surgeon for facial rejuvenation. I...

I saw a plastic surgeon for facial rejuvenation. I did my research and chose a board certified plastic surgeon with excellent credentials - both professional and patient recommendations.

I had done a lot of research about possible procedures before seeing him and was expecting to hear that I needed a mid-face lift or chin implant. My concern was aging of my perioral area, wrinkling of my chin, slight drooping of my face, and extra fat under my chin with the start of a double chin. I have good skin and few wrinkles. I was surprised, with all the surgical options out there, that he strongly advised Thermage, botox for my chin, and fractional laser resurfacing for the eye and chin area. The reviews on this site are rather scary, but I put more faith in published studies I read and this physician.

I had an excellent experience. The procedure was well explained to me and there were no surprises. The nurse technician had undergone the procedure herself. The discomfort was minimal (I received oral pain medication). I had skin tightening and improvement in my jaw line that my husband noticed immediately. My double chin is almost gone and my skin looks terrific already. I've seen more improvement since the procedure and have been instructed to wait 3-6 months to fully see the results.

I think there are several factors that contributed to my good results. I saw a physician who does both Thermage and surgery and he advised me on the best choice for ME. The office I went to has been doing Thermage since it was introduced and admits there were early patients with some blistering but none in recent years. They had no severe complications and are thus conservative and skilled. They have kept up on the advances with the procedure and use the latest tips. I am a physician and did my research.

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