Thermage for Sagging Skin on Face - So Far So Good!!!

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I just turned 40 and started seeing some skin...

I just turned 40 and started seeing some skin sagging on my face.i was reading all the reviews and contemplating weather to go for this procedure or not. I did my research to find a good doctor. I went to every possible med spa and clinics to find out about this procedure. Finally yesterday I had my procedure done.

Every person has different skin type and will have different result with this procedure. I’ll just tell you my experience.

My doctor didn’t give me any sedative or valium and neither had he used any anesthetic gel on my face. He used setting b/w 4-3 which is pretty high but fortunately new tip has been improved, instead of one pass they use several small passes to heat the skin which was very comfortable for me. He spent really good time on my face because my skin was reacting to it really well. After the procedure I did feel little tightening and freshness. Little redness and slight burning sensation but NO pain. New tips does not cause any sort of pain but you have to feel heat in your skin otherwise its not working.

I’ll let u know when I’ll start noticing any change…….keeping my fingers cross. Good luck everyone

westlake laser and asthatics

They have been doing this procedre from last 6 years and no bad reviews.

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