Revisional Double Eyelid Procedure and Epicanthoplasty - Deep Crease on Eyelid Surface when Closed

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I had a revisional double eyelid procedure and...

I had a revisional double eyelid procedure and epicanthoplasty performed. My previous double eyelid procedure done about 8 years got a little droopy and I decided to have it done to improve my appearance. I now wish I didn't go through with it. I am really devastated with the outcome and I regret going through this procedure without fully understanding the complications that could potentially arise from a revisional procedure.

I am currently 6 days post op and when I close my eyes there is a small fold of skin/fat resting above the incision which looks really unnatural. When I open my eyes, my lid slides under this fold. When I slightly tug my lower eyelid the surface of it is uneven it's as though I have too much fat on the area above my incision and under my incision there isn't enough fat. Furthermore my left eye can't close fully. I need some advice. Will this problem eventually go away and what can I do to improve the appearance?
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Unprofessional and somewhat biased in his opinions on aesthetics.

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