First Ever Whitening - "Zoom" Gave Good Results, but Not Comfortable

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Before getting a new crown on an eye tooth, I...

Before getting a new crown on an eye tooth, I wanted to have a good (and my first-ever in-office, and I was 49 at the time) bleaching. My teeth are quite white anyhow, so I did not have a lot of discoloration, but wanted to bleach to get a good color selected for the crown.

The Zoom process was rather uncomfortable, but tolerable. The worst pain came about 2 hours later, when I had a nasty headache. But pain was short lived and my teeth turned out a nice shade. No residual pain, although my teeth tend to be sensitive anyhow, but the Zoom process did not seem to make that worse.

Ames Center for Cosmetic and Family Dentistry

Very conscientious dentist, informative and pleasant.

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