Septoplasty to Improve Breathing and Reduce Likelihood of Catching Colds

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I had this treatment done to a) improve my...

I had this treatment done to a) improve my breathing, and b) reduce the likelihood of catching colds. I have been very prone to colds the past few years and developed chronic sinusitus. I am hoping this procedure will fix that.

I had a septoplasty roughly 3 weeks ago and am mostly though the healing process. I now have, in the left side of my node, a 'bump' on the septum that in my opinion has left that part of my nose in worse shape than it was before. My question is, what could this be? I have gone for two post op visits and my Doctor on the first visit attempted to squeeze out an liquid. During my latest visit he concluded that this could be scar tissue and it may require a second procedure. Have any of you seen this before? Will it require a second procedure? How long should I give it before I make that decision? Thanks in advance!
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He is very personable and aside from the possible scar tissue, I am noticing some improvement.

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