Strange External Suture After 4th Revision Rhinoplasty

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Pro's: hopefully a nose that is more aesthetically...

Pro's: hopefully a nose that is more aesthetically pleasing than my previous one.

Con's: Taking time off work, spending the $, wearing the itchy nose splint for a week.

I just underwent my 4th and hopefully last closed rhinoplasty 6 days ago, and I am curious as to why there is a single black suture extending straight out from the outer portion of my columella. (Specifically: it is right where there base of the columella meets the skin directly above my upper lip). All of the previous surgeries were closed, and I did not have this suture. My Doc mentioned that he was going to use a strong suture internally to hold the tip up, but I have no idea why there would be a single suture sticking straight out in this location. (It almost looks like a male's mustache How would it be removed...just pulled out? I visit his office tomorrow and I am obviously going to question him, but I would appreciate some experienced MD's opinions.
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