Had Aquamid Injections to Raise Height of Nose Bridge

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I am an Asian lady who had Aquamid injections to...

I am an Asian lady who had Aquamid injections to raise the height of the nose bridge.

However, during my last injection 3 years ago, there was swelling. the doctor used steroid injections to help the swelling, telling me that each time, and over time, it should be a permanant result. i have noticed the swelling tha comes back is less and less over time.

below is outline of my Kenelog injection:

1. 23/09/06 10mg
2. 18/12/06. 10mg
3. 15/01/07. 10mg
4. 01/06/07. 40mg
5. 04/02/08 40mg
6. 30/10/08 40mg

is my doctor accurate in his advcie about permanent reduction of swelling over time? the swelling has come back slightly so can i safely have a last injection or is it too dangerous? please help. thank you from a distressed lady.
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