Smoothshapes for Cellulite - After Six Sessions Not Worth It

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I went to a med spa in San Diego, CA for cellulite...

I went to a med spa in San Diego, CA for cellulite treatment. After six sessions using Smoothshapes, my honest opinion is that it is not worth it. I took before and after photos (of the backs of my thighs and lower buttocks areas). I made sure I took the photos in the same stance and under the same lighting conditions.

I was extremely disappointed, I didn't see positive results. I made an extra effort, during the entire month or so of treatment timeframe, to exercise 3-5 times a week, eat very healthy and drink more water. I can tell you straight up that I found a couple more dimples in the backs of my thighs which were not there before (my before and after pictures back up my word). How excruciatingly discouraging, that's a nightmare and a half. I just made myself look worse instead of better, and I believe its permanent!

Prior to going in for the treatment, I read a couple reviews where commenters complained the backs of their legs wound up looking worse. I dismissed it because I assumed they didn't eat healthy or didn't exercise. Well, now I know the truth because it happened to me!

I used to be decently overweight through my teen years, and then lost weight it all, probably lost it a bit too quickly for my skin to handle. I am very lean and decently fit now and have been for over eight years. The inner and backs of my thighs aren't quite as tight and toned due to bit of loose skin, but not enough where a person will look at my legs and express, 'Ohhh she's got some loose skin,' but nonetheless, they're not as tight as they should be due to rapid weight loss. So, I'm thinking that is a factor for why Smoothshapes made the results worse and not better. I was told that if I underwent lipo surgery, the results would be bad because I don't have high fat issues, I have skin elasticity issues.

Since Smoothshapes is supposed to assist with fat cells shrinking (and I don't have much compared to ratio of skin I have) I suppose that's why the machine didn't work for me. When I lost a little bit more fat there from the Smoothshapes, my skin didn't tighten up in the process so it just looks more cellulite'y and what not.

It's extremely frustrating to have cellulite, but now just flat out depressing to know it looks somewhat worse.

Hopefully one day a genius scientist or doctor will find a true resolve for cellulite. Seriously? Of all the technology and advancements the human race has been able to create, SOMEBODY has to find one for cellulite.

La Jolla Med Spa

There's nothing wrong with the esthetician who performed the rolling device (Smoothshapes) on me, its just that the machine doesn't work, at least for me and a few other commenters that put in reviews.

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