SmoothShapes - my Treatment Has Worked for my Cellulite

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I'm 5'3", white, 160lbs, I had the worst case...

I'm 5'3", white, 160lbs, I had the worst case senario for cellulite. It runs in the family, all the way back to the greatest of greats. I had the cottage cheese style.

I tried Vela Shapes and broke out in a rash from the goop they apply. Then I started getting Endomology treatments which really did help my sluggish lymph system, but I didn't see a big dramatic change in my cellulite.

I decided to try out SmoothShapes and after the forth week w/SmoothShapes I noticed my fat deposits at my knees(I hated!) was completely gone, after that I noticed that my pants where getting way looser & my legs were looking smoother! I am now confident enough to wear shorts in public!

I've had 14 treatments & I am on maintence now, & I'm down to 145 lbs, and one+ dress size. I can't believe women are not getting results.

I started w/ Smoothshapes just over a year ago,I followed everything Sherry told me to do. Water on a daily basis is #1, cutting out the fried foods was #2, and I had to stop the wine & beer. As I dropped the inches and some weight I started to feel energized enough to start walking in the early morning for about 20-30 min. 3 days a week.

It's not completely gone, but I can't believe the difference in how I look. Really if it worked on me, I would bet it would work on just about anyone. I will continue with my maintance to keep the cellulite from coming back like I had for so many years. A small amount to pay, just like a massage,just waaayyy better for my body & my self esteem!

Dr. Southern - Medical director / Sherry Summers-Ball - Owner, Body Benefits

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