Minimal Pain Experienced with Dot Therapy - Didn't Work Though :(

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I just had the dot therapy or smartxide procedure...

I just had the dot therapy or smartxide procedure completed this morning. My reason for doing so was to remove some fine lines on the top of my lip. The doctor actually did the lower portion of my face as well. She did a feathering technique. Focusing a more agressive treatment on my problem areas and then a lighter treatment on the surrounding areas. I think this helps with any skin discoloration that can occur but I am fair skinned so Dr. H didn't feel I would have much of a problem with this anyway.

I was numbed for 40 minutes. Dr. H did an agressive setting for the area above my top lip and passed over twice. The pain was very tolerable. And the other areas on the lower setting of course were even more manageable. The burn after the laser passes are over is pretty intense. I was given a wet rag for 20 minutes with the tube with the cold air to blow on the rag to keep the rag cold. And then I was given an ice pack for the drive home. For about 3 hours after the procedure I couldn't bare to not have the ice pack on. Then the burn just became less and less and now its 3:22 p.m. and I feel nothing. I had the procedure done around 9:00 a.m. My skin is tight and it is red. I have no swelling though.

I will keep posting. I hope this works. I was expecting it to be a bigger ordeal and now I am wondering if it really did much. My doctor seems very condfident it did. And she just did her own eyes 10 days ago and I have to say they do look wrinkle free.

Oh! Dr. H also gave me a presciption for Valtrex. It cost me another $100 with insurance. I am not sure if this is something you HAVE to fill. But I did.


Dr. Hedlund

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