Help! Getting Stressed with DOT Therapy Results

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The treatment wasn't extremely painful, but...

The treatment wasn't extremely painful, but sensitive around the jaw bone, nose, mouth and mainly under the eyes. It did go by fast. My eyes were the most painful the next day. Very swollen. I didn't even look the same.

I was expecting the swelling to go down. I had it done on Friday. It is Monday and I am still swollen, very red and numerous brown grids all over my face and eyes. I am hoping to see results. I had it done to diminish acne scars that are not very deep. So far, it doesn't look like it has really done anything.

I had DOT Therapy and was shocked that the brown grids are really dark and still very noticeable. I had this done on a Friday and it is now Monday. I was expecting to go back to work tomorrow, but i don't want to freak anyone out. I also didn't want everyone knowing. I work with lots of construction people. My husband told me to call in sick, but i can't be out all week. How long until i start to peel or when the dark spots and pin point blood spots start to vanish? Getting stressed!

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