SmartXide for Sun-damage, Acne Scars and Fine Lines

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My SmartXide Dot treatment was done on Saturday,...

My SmartXide Dot treatment was done on Saturday, 09/19/2009, primarily wanted it done for sun-damage, acne scars and fine lines.

Nurse put numbing cream on my face for approx. 45 minutes, wiped it off after tingling sensation, indicating the proper affect and procedure began. There was slight discomfort, however not during the entire procedure, only occasionally. Best describe my personal experience to the procedure itself, as tolerable, slight discomfort.

I followed the Docs instructions by using frozen peas and cold towels on my face with a fan blowing on me, to soothe the burning (like a bad sun-burn)sensation which was gone by the next morning. My face was swollen for the first few days and it is now peeling with pink, tender new skin now exposed (Yippee). It was stressed how important it is to stay out of the sun and the nurse equiped me with a paper sheet to cover my head/sides of face in order to drive home (which was not only resourceful of the nurse, but pretty comical to see). On day 5, I put sunscreen all over treated area, put a scarf over my head (draping over sides of face) and a large-brim, bucket style straw hat along with dark sunglasses to go to the grocery store. It was for the sun-protection, but also my face has large areas peeling, blotchey brown spots, and so the scarf helped hide appearance from public, as well as providing protection. There was definitely people staring with curiosity, possibly thoughts that I was someone famous, incognito (LOL)!

Drinking lots of water was recommended as well as...

Drinking lots of water was recommended as well as keeping treated areas moisturized at all times with moisturizing cream which promises for quicker, successful healing which I followed.  Today, 9-days later, my skin is really looking good and fresh!  Neighbors have come by to check it out and agree that the SmartXide laser treatment has given me good results.  It supposed to get even better within 6-months, allowing the rejuvenation of collagen, so I will keep you posted.

Photo Update

Dr. Jeffrey Caruth

Dr. creates a relaxing atmosphere with his calming demeanor making small talk while performing procedure. Nurse compliments Dr.'s demeanor in her gentleness and calming presence.

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