DOT Treatment for Acne Scars - Canada

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Took anti viral for 2 days prior, 1 hr prior to...

took anti viral for 2 days prior, 1 hr prior to treatment numbing cream put on my face.

treatment with DOT laser lasted about 20 minutes. Painful but bearable. Started shaking half way through. Skin just felt like it had been burned, but before i left i felt fine.

didnt bother with cold packs. keeping face moist. only on 1st day after so will share results later. treatment was for acne scars.

what would cause the uncontrolable shaking. i wasnt cold nor afraid? also the next day, all day long my non treated neck is bright red and itchy. and i had mild tachi 100 - 120 for the rest of the day i had the treatment (12 noon) right up to when i went to bed. but i wasnt in pain.

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