So Far So Impressed! Smartlipo Mpx on Love Handles, Thighs and Abs

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Pros: instantly saw results, can tell I'm going to...

pros: instantly saw results, can tell I'm going to be even smaller

cons: points of the surgery was painful, painful recovery, but you have to expect these things- still very worth it!!!

I'm in my very early twenties and an athlete, I have had the hardest time losing my love handles and thighs, so after years of hard work and frustration I spent about a year considering smartlipo.

When I finally decided to do it, I went on this site and many others evaluating if this was the right things to do. I have a phobia of needles and surgery but for the most part the surgery didn't sound bad and the minimal invasive procedure with barely any scaring was very appealing.

So after much dispute I went for a few consultations and landed at Dr. W's office on Long Island, NY (where I live). Him and his staff were extremely kind and dedicated to answering every question and concern I had, being very honest about what to expect and thoroughly talking me through the process. I talked about a bunch of areas I was considering and the doctor was very honest with me, saying which areas weren't worth doing over different ones. We ended up doing my FLANKS, UPPER AND LOWER ABS, & INNER THIGHS & KNEE. The doctor was so confident and positive about my body and how it would turn out I knew it was the right choice!

So we scheduled surgery for the first week in August and I am a few days out of surgery and feeling extremely impressed and positive about my new body. Instantly I saw my love handles were GONE!!! My stomach is nearly flat (or will be once i lose my post-op fluid and swelling), my thighs are beginning to shape already, and besides a little bruising, I don't look all that bad!

I do admit, I am in some pain- nausea every now and then or if I'm up for more than a few minutes, showering takes a lot out of me and they do warn you you will feel very light headed the first few days. I feel really sore and it is quite a hassel going to the restroom, getting up and down, and moving around. I definitely will not be going to work tomorrow (its my second day recovering today (7/9).

But I have to say it is really worth it... I could never have done such a great job on my body by myself- I have been an all-state athlete in high school but had to stop playing both sports for personal reasons. Went to college and picked up a new sport continued eating well and exercising but couldnt lose the stubborn excess fat that made my once solid athletic shape look pudgy and made me extremely self conscious and depressed. I already feel great and would recommend this to everyone who seriously has been considering getting some work done.

I'm sorry to ramble but it was hard for me to find a good review that was very thorough so better informative than short and sweet! I'll go through the process:

I was very nervous beforehand, I have done a lot of research and definitely wanted this done but nerves are normal... got there for my 10 am appointment, filled out some paperwork, signed the surgical waiver, and went downstairs to be prepped. My mom then left me and that's when it hit me that this was it!

Believe it or not the nerves weren't bad, the assisting aid went over the procedure and gave me a few pills to take for nausea and pain. I then changed into the gown and the doctor came in and did a little physical asked me some questions, reassured me that this was going to be great, and then we took pictures and marked up the areas. Afterwards, he directed me into the OR and the assisting came in and gave me the shot in the butt I had been dreading. That part wasn't bad, the part that was a liiittle painful was the shots in the areas where the incisions were to go. Honestly, they were just little pinches (I had 7 ! Don't be alarmed I just had a lot of areas done). The assisting was very good at keeping my mind off of it and talked to me while doing it. Then she made the incisions (didn't feel a thing!).

After that its a little blurry, I was on the meds and given some gas to ease me and then they filled me with fluid (not painful at all I know a lot of people said it was very uncomfortable but it just feels like your bloated). It takes about 45 minutes to settle in it goes fast and your drugged up so seeing my bloated body was quite humorous- I took a few pictures with my phone (which I totally forgot about until yesterday lol).

Anyway each area takes about an hour, its a little uncomfortable because hes going back and forth breaking down the fat. At some points I felt pinching but it went away in about 10 seconds. I got a very sore feeling when they used suction but it wasn't terrible.

I was there in "surgery" from about 11 30 to 5 but it goes by quick when your drugged. So then I was cleaned up drained a little (feeling queezy seeing it). Getting up to take the pictures was an adventure- I got really light headed but thats normal, so we took the pictures and got me in my bandages and compressions and I wasn't hungry so we waited a little and then I went home! I was sore and tired all day which was fine I slept well and took a pain pill at night and was good.

The next day is when I started feeling really sore and it was hard getting around and to the bathroom, you have to take a lot of time to relax take off. You have to plan on being on the couch or in bed for a few days! And make sure you have someone to help you for atleast the day after surgery. But its not bad, I definitely feel better than yesterday.

I will post pictures soon!

Dr. Wertheim

confident, thorough, perfectionist, very patient and kind, personal

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