Love my Smartlipo Results! Why Did I Wait So Long? (Stomach and Love Handles)

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I am so glad I finally did the Smartlipo. I...

I am so glad I finally did the Smartlipo. I researched this on the web all the time, but was worried about the results (and my husband didn't think I needed it, but said he would support me if I really wanted it) When my friend who had Lapband surgery told me her doctor also did smartlipo I went in for a free consult. I liked him and the office so I decided to go for it.

I did my stomach and love handle because every time I tried on pants the waistband would be too tight and my love handles would hang over. I would also have to wear loose shirts to not show the muffin top.

The actual procedure itself was easy, I was awake but relaxed from the medication. The time seemed to fly by, the nurse Nellie was very entertaining and gave me snacks and drinks, I even went to the bathroom during the procedure. At the end she put on maxipads for the drainage and the tight garment. I went home and felt great--for a couple of hours until some of the numbing wore off. I had to take the pain pills, and my husband had to change my dressings a couple of times during the night.

Long story short I was swollen for about two weeks, I had to wear sweat pants, couldn't stand a waistband. I was the same size as before and very impatient wondering if I did the right thing. They told me it was normal and would get better.

After about 3 weeks the swelling was almost gone and I lost about 5 pounds. All my clothes were finally loose, some even way to big around the waist. I am still massaging and have a couple of hard areas but they get better every day. I love to try on my clothes, I feel so skinny. I wish I did this before my vacation, I didn't even want to wear a swimsuit-now I can't wait to go swimsuit shopping next year. Will add pictures later!

Olympia Bariatric Surgeon

Dr. was very nice, explaining everything well. My husband even felt more comfortable about me having this done when he met the Dr. The nurse was very nice, the procedure itself was almost pain free. My Dr. is also a Lapband doctor, my friend had this surgery and lost 60 pounds and she recommended him to me- she is also going to have smartlipo when she looses 10 more pounds.

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