39 Year Old Woman, Couldn't Lose Tummy Fat Despite Working out

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I had been toying with the idea of liposuction for...

I had been toying with the idea of liposuction for a while but could not bring myself to go through with it as I had heard and read a lot of horror stories of liposuction gone wrong but when I came across this new procedure, Smartlipo, and reading a lot about it I was convinced that this is what I had been waiting for.

I am a 39 year old woman; I work out often but was never able to lose my tummy fat. I went in for few consultations around my area and all the doctors I met gave me the same assurance that this is the best option for me and gave me about the same price for the procedure but it was the doctor, whose personal touch and politeness and the fact that there were two doctors who performed the procedure won me over.

We were able to scheduled my procedure in a month’s time as no other date was available, I just wanted a new body as soon as I could none the less I was eagerly waiting for that day. When I got to the clinic I was immediately taken to the treatment room and was given some Demerol to take the edge off which was followed by some lidocaine to the treatment area to be treated.

The entire procedure took about 4 hours; both doctors took their time to make sure that not even an ounce of fat was left behind. After the procure when I stood up I was in shock to see the amazing result I had gotten but was told by Dr. J that the best result would be 3 to 6 months down the road, I was happy as it was but getting even better result sounded even better.

I would highly recommend the Med Spa; they made the entire experience, an experience worth having.

Dr. Ajay Ahuja & Dr. Jacobson at Clean Image Med Spa

Both doctors took their time to explain the entire procedure and made me very comfortable and i felt as if the entire staff was there to help me.

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