Male, Late 20s, with Stubborn Stomach Fat

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I am a male in his late 20s who is very healthy...

I am a male in his late 20s who is very healthy and fit and had some stomach fat that would not go away from exercise.

I had smart lipo to the upper and lower abs and was very happy with the look after the 1st week of recovery. I'm just almost done with week 3 of recovery and I am very confused about how I should be taking care of the hard scar tissue / healing tissue that has formed where the fat was removed.

I ask my PS about this and they said at week 2 I should start the ripping process of breaking this tissue up. Quote "Rip, rip, rip." and at this stage I can't do anything wrong as I have been wearing my compression suite non stop and did not bend at the waist for the 1st 2 weeks as to not put any lines in the healing tissue.

My question is if I should be ripping this scar tissue at this stage and if intensive massage is correct at this point to break up this tissue? I was very happy with the look early on but since I started the massage and breaking of the scar tissue, I haven't been as happy with the look. Its starting to get puffy. I realize this could be from swelling, I just don't want to damage what was done. Also I should mention that I did not bruise at all. Am I doing the right thing?

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