Slim Lipo on Inner Thighs and Knees - Hurt and Disappointed

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My mother died 2 yrs ago and I have the same body...

My mother died 2 yrs ago and I have the same body shape (big thighs and knees). I wanted to wear skirts and a 2-piece bathing suit. I didn't want to end up looking like her. I still feel young and love the beach.

Now I have dark spots and hard knots in my legs. I also have a lot of loose skin which I didn't expect that to improve yet. It has been 2 mos. I didn't expect the knots and extreme swelling. Also gained a few pounds. What??

Had inner thighs and knees done 2 mos ago. Have hard knots on inside of thigh, lots of swelling, skin is very sensitive, sharp shooting pains though thigh area. Lower legs and foot now swelling. Quit wearing compression garment and some swelling in lower legs has improved. Is this to be expected. Was feeling panicky and went to a vein specialist to get an ultrasound today but wont hear for 2 wks results. Would never use this procedure again. I was out of work 3 wks from pain and swelling and was told 5 days. What can I do about these hard places?
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Never never use anyone who is not a board-certified plastic surgeon. I thought it was a simple procedure and this person was skilled in this area. He is a maxillofacial surgeon after all.

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