Sleepy Eyes Due to Botox

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My Plastic surgeon injected me with Botox towards...

My Plastic surgeon injected me with Botox towards the corners of my eyebrows and it looked good. About 3 weeks later he injected my forehead and under the middle of my eyebrows for relief of the "hooding". 4 dys later I looked like "Sleepy" from the 7 dwarfs! I saw him today and he said I have to wait it out.

I am so disappointed. I used the same MD that did my brow lift (this past january and he said it relaxed!) and my full eye job. I have used Eye Docs and Gynecologists before and never had this happen- I thought by using a Plastic surgeon I'd be immune to this problem!

Pro-Can't think of one pro on this! Other than in the grand scheme of life this should be minor but I am upset that I paid to look like a dwarf!

Con is I have to live with hearing from folks- are you tired or you look tired! I thought I was done with this when I had the brow and eye lift!

Any advice on what to do now?
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I think the guy is a fair plastic surgeon but not experienced with botox.

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