Had Silicone in my Lips and Eyebrows 25 Years Ago, Now Want SilSkin.

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I had silicone injected to my lips and between eye...

I had silicone injected to my lips and between eye brows in 1985, and it was and has been perfect. Everyone always comments on what nice lips I have (my secret!) and I never experienced any unwanted side effects. It has been stable,and has remained where it was injected.

Unfortunately, the plastic surgeon who did this,died 8 years ago.(Died suddenly at 48, of his first heart attack.) My problem is that I reside in Canada, and can find no doctor who will inject silicone, as it is 'illegal' here. This is extremely unfortunate, as silicone is known to be inert and very stable over time, when used in rather small quantities, as I had. I have tried everything to locate a practitioner for 5 years now! I would like someone in upstate NY, so I can drive for injections, to be done gradually, over months.

Please help. Thank you in advance, if you know a seperb practitioner, in Buffalo, Rochester, Albany?

I have aged a bit, perfectly normal, a little sagging, slight asymmetry, and forehead had 2 small depressions, where I'd now like silicone. I have been advised by my dermatologist that the best advice for me is to stick with silicone, as introducing a different filler to the sites could trigger an allergic reaction. Besides, I have enjoyed it for 25 years, and expect good continuance. Wish to try SilSkin, but only by an experienced practitioner.
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Doctor died 8 years ago, & I need a doctor outside Canada (no one here will use silicone, unfortunately, is illegal!)

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