Post Septo-Rhinoplasty Problem with Bump on my Nose Needing to Be Fixed

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I has a septo-rhinoplasty to correct my deviated...

I has a septo-rhinoplasty to correct my deviated septums and broken bone following a car accident in October of 07. I did this because I had a hard time breathing through my nose and I did not like the shape of my nose.

It was a very horrible experience emotionally and mentally. Not looking like yourself for about 8 months was very hard. I worry about my next procedure only because of the healing time. I am very upset I have this bone on my nose now which makes me more insecure when the point of the surgery was to eliminate that.

I developed a 'bump' on my nose after the surgery which is hard & basicaly a lifted bone. My surgeon said he wants me to correct it as it is quite obvious;although not too large in size. he will go in & shave it down in 15 minutes & I will need no splint. This Dr is very optomistic. So, I worry this is not accurate. Can you just go in and shave it down in such a little amount of time & just leave with a bandage? How long will my recovery be? Last time it took me 8 mo's to get back to 'myself'.

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