Second Septoplasty, but Still Have Trouble Breathing

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I have had two septoplasty surgies. I had one back...

I have had two septoplasty surgies. I had one back in 2007. I didn't notice any major changes. About 8 months ago I started getting frequent bad sinus infections. So I went to a new ENT (proir doc had moved out of state). This doc told me my septum was deviated further back. So I had another surgery and turbinate reduction.

It's been about a month. The doc said I have a small nose (inside). I still don't notice much of a difference. :(

- pros: as of now I haven't had any sinus infections

- cons: still cannot breathe well

- Did it to correct deviated septum.

I know my nose is still healing, but could there possibly be another reason as to why I'm not breathing well??? Please help.
Dr. Chad Putnam

He is very nice and will truely listen to your concerns. He has never rushed me during a visit. In fact, the second visit we had we talked for a little while about a bunch of different things it could be that were contributing to my breathing issues. After we brainstormed he found out what my problem was. I'm still in the process of my nose healing. I would highly recommend him.

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