I'm Left with Results Far Worse then my Originally Quarter Size Spider Vein

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I simply didn't like the look of the quarter size...

I simply didn't like the look of the quarter size spider vein on my lateral thigh, just above my knee.The spider vein is pretty much gone but after two months I'm left with a raise brown mark running down my leg which is bumpy like vericose veins and painful when touched.

had sclerotherapy 2 months ago to rid my quarter size spider veins on lateral thigh. Foam use on vein running from above knee to mid lateral calf. Thhe spider vein is diminished but the vein injected with foam is hard with bulges ( bulges characteristic of vericose veins) and where my normal blue vein was is now brown in color and painful to touch. Any honest comments are greatly appreciated. Thank you -- Updated on Sep 19, 2009: am I going to have to live with results worse then I originally had or will this heal?
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I don't know if I can trust this doctor. The doctor can see that I'm left with is far worse leg then the minor quarter size spider vein I had had.

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