Pixel CO2 Laser for Slight Acne Scars and Uneven Texture

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I had the pixel co2 laser resurfacing procedure 3...

I had the pixel co2 laser resurfacing procedure 3 weeks ago for some slight acne scars and uneven texture.

I now feel under my skin in an area that I had no problems before hard lines/lumps under my skin and some that are visible on the surface as well. The hard lines under my skin then make the areas around them look like depressions. This also has happened in the center of my cheek with a line of deep little lumps with slightly depressed areas on either sides. My skin texture looks awful and overall I am extremely regretful having done this procedure because my skin is worse now than it has ever been and I cannot forsee it getting back to normal.

I am having an awful outcome with my face looking scarred and ruined in places that were perfect before. I need help to determine the next step to help me get some of my skin to at least be smooth again.

One of my main concerns now is determining what this tissue is, is it scar tissue? How can I break it up because it is causing my skin to look awful, uneven, rough, and scarred.
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