Scar Excision on Child's Scalp - Stitches Tore Apart - Scar Looks Worse

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My baby had a 2nd-3rd degree burn on the crown of...

My baby had a 2nd-3rd degree burn on the crown of his head - it was about 3" long and 1-2" wide. It healed up really good and smooth, and didn't require any skin grafts or surgery. The doctor said that after having a scar reduction, a simple surgery, we could expect the scar to look like a small scratch.

At age 2, we finally took him in to have it surgically reduced - the surgeon excised the scar and pulled the good edges together. I actually expected this to require 2 surgeries, because he has a large head and the skin felt tight. The surgeon said that we could expect the final scar to be about 1/4 - 1/2" wide (not a small scratch), because it would stretch while the stitches healed.

Half of it healed up great - and is about 1/4" wide. On the other half though, the skin was swollen, the tension was too much, and the stitches split open, and it looks worse than before. The scabs have finally come off, but the skin is delicate, pink, and sort of rippled from the stitches. It's right at the crown where it is most noticeable.

It's very distressing, and the surgeon says to wait for another 6 months to see what we should do next. In your opinion, is this scar repairable? Do you think we should do another reduction? Should we have a scalp expander this time? Is it only possible to make it look like a scratch when it's done on a fully grown person?

Should toddler have another scar reduction on scalp? Stitches tore and it looks worse than before.
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