Forehead / Hairline Scar Revision Sutures Removed; Very Concerned

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I have about a 2.5 cm scar located on my upper...

I have about a 2.5 cm scar located on my upper forehead/in the hairline. I had the scar revision procedure done, to obviously promote less visibility.

I am now worried and miserable. My procedure was done monday, June 22 around 2 in the afternoon. Ten little sutures were left in place. Doc said to return in 1 week. Nurse removed my sutures around 11am on monday, June 29. Exactly 7 days. I noticed some slight dots and lines in my skin surrounding the scar ala "track marks". The nurse assured me they would fade away. When I questioned it further, she asked the doc and called me later, saying they leave sutures in for 7-10 days; Basically cemented their stance.

Boy, I'd have hated to see what day 10 would have looked like. I did notice some slight improvements on day 3 now, but I know romoving the sutures 1-2 days earlier would have made all the difference in the world if someone had told me. I am just concerned about them going away now, because while the scar already does look much better than it did, I now have the little dots and lines drawing all the more attention to it. I have been doing what I was initially doing scar care-wise, massaging gently, using silicone gel, manuka honey, mederma, keeping the area moist and covered for this first week since suture removal as advised. I am just upset and concerned over the marks and if they will stay there or not.

What should I do? I have read a lot of diffrent timeframes: 3-5, 4-6, even some 3-8 days for facial suture removal. Which instance fits my particular situation? Will they go away completely, not just slightly fade? I am on day 3 now, since suture removal. I know it's a timely process, but was 7 days too long? Can I expect to see further improvement regarding these slight track marks? Is there treatments/anything I can do to help to fix it? Thank you very much, your help/answers are much obliged.

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