Retin-A, Microdermabrasion & Salicyclic Peel

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Yesterday I had a micro-dermabrasion followed by a...

Yesterday I had a micro-dermabrasion followed by a Salicyclic Peel. I had been using Retin A for 1 week prior on some deep spots on my cheek. When the peel went on it stung on my cheek, but I was expecting some pain. 24 hours later my cheek is a deep red colour, some bits are brown and I am assuming this will scab. It looks terrible. I now know Retin A and Salicylic should not be used together. (the nurse did not ask me what I was using). I am using aloe vera plant and Lucas Paw Paw ointment.

- The rest of skin is smooth
- Helps with old acne scaring

- Mixed with Retin A, very painful
- More info about treatment could have been provided

Any advice/ re-assurance? Will this scar or simply scab and fall off (within a week?) The rest of my skin looks great!
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