So It Begins.... Day One W/ Invisalign

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Was thinking about Invisalign treatment for a few...

Was thinking about Invisalign treatment for a few years but being a student, i couldn't afford it. After i graduated and got a pretty good job, i decided to go to my local orthodontist and check it out. I liked what i heard and decided to go for it. After some haggling, i arranged to have this done for $3800 (dentist was initially asking for $4900). I had the molds done and waited about 6 weeks for the trays to come in.

Got my first set put on yesterday. The doctor put some funny little things (kind of like mini hooks/buttons) on my teeth so the aligners snap into place. I was advised that my treatment will consist of 18 upper and lower trays so it'll be roughly 9 months.

Quick first notes: The aligners feel a little tight and my mouth feels dry all the time. I have slight pain when taking off the aligners

Will keep everyone updated!

Long Island City Orthodontist

Hich Tech facility, over 20 years of experience. I grew up in this neighberhood and it seems as if this guy does braces for EVERY child in Astoria.

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