Rhinoplasty Worry - Done Due to Hump on the Nose and Low Tip

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Done due to hump on the nose, which was very...

Done due to hump on the nose, which was very prominent, and the tip of the nose was low, especially when smiling. i wanted a more feminine natural looking nose.

My situation is exactly the same as "vy"'s comment. i had my surgery done on the 29th of september, and my cast off a week later. its only been 4/5 since my cast was removed. but the ridge really doesnt look centered in the middle of the nose, the left side looks perfect! but then i look at the right and it curves inwards, making the nostril look much bigger, i considered that it could be uneven swelling, but even with my cast on i noticed it was a lot tighter on the right side than the left, leading me to believe that the right side was over reduced.

i do understand its still early days, but im just so distraught about it. i am desperate for advice, i would be very greatful if you could reply.
riccardo frati

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