Septorhinoplasty - Narrower Nostrils, Straighten Bridge, Smaller Tip

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I had a rhinplasty & septoplasty performed two...

I had a rhinplasty & septoplasty performed two months ago. For the rhinoplasty, I had my nostrils narrowed slightly, bridge slightly straightened, but most of the work down to make the tip smaller.

The reasons I did it were to reduce the size of the tip, mainly, though the septoplasty was done to improve my breathing. (The septo was a bonus really)

While my profile didn't look terrible, the "almost" profile looked terrible, as did a slight angled front view. Even from the front, my nose looked too big for my face, and somewhat swollen.

Immediately after the cast was removed, my nose looked straight and nice from the profile (though somewhat swollen). Now, 2 months later, and after a steroid injection, the left side is unevenly swollen - the point that I can feel a ridge as I move down my nose. The "almost profile" looks terrible (like a look). Will this dissipate? Could the steroid injection have done damage? I will be visiting my surgeon only 1 week from now and am really anxious.

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Very professional and personable. He is an expert.

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