Nose Still Has Bump/lump

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I had rhinoplasty on July of 08. I am a 30 yaer...

I had rhinoplasty on July of 08. I am a 30 yaer old female. My doctor told me my nose was going to be a simple operation.

The top of the nose was hit with a softball when I was 10, that made the bridge spread and the two bones were opened. Doctor said he was closing the two bones together that it was all cartlidge. Easy. Well now the bridge has a small lump/bump on the right side of the bridge. My doctor has rasped on the lump/bump twice now, the bump/lump is still there. Was told he could inject a filler to cover the lump/bump, but that only last 6 months to a year. I do not want to have a filler every year.

What should I do and why is the lump/bump comming back or not going away? Why is the problem still there? Why my doctor can not take care of lump/bump? What would you recomend?

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Has not taken care of my problem. I was told he was a profectist,but he would not want me to be advertising his work. He was a doctor that only works on the face. I still have same nose and I'm out a lot of money and time.

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