Good Stuff (Turbinate Reduction, Narrowing Nose and Nostril Reduction)

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I done the surgry(turbinate reduction,narrowing...

I done the surgry(turbinate reduction,narrowing nose and nostril reduction ,closed rhinoplasty), removed the cast next friday my face was realy brused and swollen, my Dr. said start using nasal saline wash and keep my nose clean using Q tips and gently blow my nose during nasal wash (during the wash I have to lower my head alittle bit).

during the op. didnt fell nothing untill wakeup, took pain killers and went great. felt depresed and not happy afterwords. done surgery for breathing and self confidencs reasons.

my problem is that now am 10 days after surgey brusing is going away but I feel sweeling is more on one side than the other, also I have a pressure feeling on the bones of my nose which is not fun and numbness on ths tip, some times it goes, so is the pressure feeling is from the nasalbones healing or what?
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seeking more advice and support will make me happy.

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