Bumps on Brige when Only Tip Was Operated on

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I had my revision because my previous doctor...

I had my revision because my previous doctor wacked out a piece of cartilege in my tip 14 years ago and the tip was sinking. I also wanted it shortened.

I had revision rhinoplasty 5 weeks ago. My first was 14 years ago. At that time, I only had a bump removed. This one did not involve my brige, but rather shortening and rotating the tip. There were also grafts taken from my septum to help with the tip.

About 3 1/2 weeks later, I noticed a small round bump on the top upper portion of my bridge- which is very straight and not lumpy. The doctor perscribed a z pack and said that it could be cysts, a little infection forming from a suture, or a small piece of cartilidge. He said there is nothing to worry about, but it is painful and has swollen up. Is this common? I did a have a problem with the sutures in my tip dissolving, and they are finally starting to fall out.

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I will remmcond this provider when my issue is resolved. He is an excellent communicator.

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